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Modern border post to hasten cargo clearing

Traders operating between Kenya and Uganda are expected to move goods much faster from early next year when Malaba border post starts operating as a one-stop facility. The post comprises…

Truck owners protest over transport taxes

Truck owners have warned of high transport costs due to an increase in taxes. The transporters said the new taxes that came into force in September, will drive them out…

Why you pay more taxes on ‘newer’ used cars

Vehicle taxation is a bit tricky for an average person to understand. According to URA’s current validation guide, an Opel Zafira made in 2002 with 2200cc is charged $3,356 (Shs8.2m)…

RVR gets Sh1.8bn boost in locomotives upgrade

Rift Valley Railways parent company Qalaa holdings has secured a Sh1.8 billion asset financing deal towards the acquisition of 20 locomotives from the USA. The syndicated loan from both Standard…

Kenya denies US company aviation licence

Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) last week declined to renew the air service licence for Kijipwa Aviation – the company in which former US Navy Seal Erik Prince, owns a…
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