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Review of Northern Corridor Logistics Performance 2014-2016

The review of the Northern Corridor Logistics Performance was held on Friday 25th November 2016 at the Imperial Royale Hotel.

The workshop was facilitated by the Uganda Shippers Council, and brought on board the Uganda Clearing Industry and Forwarders Association (UCIFA) board Chairman Mr.Kassim Omar who gave the opening remarks.

The CEO Uganda Shippers Council Mr.Alex Mbonye gave the Shippers perspective on the overall performance of the Northern Corridor in the last two years and the impact it has had on trade logistics in general, he noted that there has been great improvement in cargo delivery, reduced times, infrastructure development at the various borders along the corridor and looks forward to better trade in the next couple of years.

The Kenya Ports Authority was represented by Mr.Muhamad Jezan who noted a general improvement in the logistics Industry and especially the ability to clear goods under the Single Customs Territory regimen saving time and costs. He further spoke about the developments at the Port of Mombasa which is undergoing expansion to improve on service delivery, and also the Lamu Port which will be operational in 2017. The Kenya Ports Authority office in Kampala is located on the 5th Floor Crested Towers (Short Tower).

Uganda Revenue Authority was represented by three participants, Mr. Mark Kajubi who made a presentation on the rollout of the Single Customs Territory which is already in effect under the ASYCUDA system.

Mr.Mutebi William Tobias who presented about the Uganda Electronic Single Window System, which is a very innovative portal that will help bring all Stakeholders involved in the Import/Export Industry under one online system. It is in the process of being implemented and can be accessed on www.uesw.go.ug.

For example an exporter of Vegetables to Europe will log into the system and have access to all the certifying bodies in one place,it will therefore reduce paperwork,time and costs.

Mr.James Saaka made a presentation on the Electronic Cargo Tracking System that is also in place and will be fully operational in February 2017, this system is able to monitor transit cargo in real time and is managed by a 24hour office called the Transit Monitoring Unit (TMU). All transit cargo is required to be fitted with an electronic device, which is GSM enabled and transmits its location to the TMU station.

With all these systems in place and the infrastructural works completed under the funding of TradeMark East Africa, the Logistics industry will grow to serve the region and improve its member countries trade ratings worldwide.


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