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How to calculate your imported Motor Vehicle taxes

  • Written by Emmanuel Kawamara
  • Published under How to

Uganda Revenue Authority uses its own Car values as a basis for tax assessment, it is this price that forms the basis of Import duty, these values called the Motor Vehicle Indicative Value Guide are updated and  released monthly on the website for download they include a price list of all vehicles manufactured. Visit www.ura.go.ug for guide.

URA charges the sum of five different fees/duty which are summarized below,to get your vehicle on the road.


Tax type:                  % of Valuation of Vehicle by URA.

Import duty             25%

VAT                          18%

Withholding tax       6%


Environmental tax   35% ( 5 - 10 years old )

                                50% ( 10 years + old )


Registration fees        1,200,000/- below 3000cc

                                1,700,000/- 3000cc and above.


Excise duty              10% ( charged on luxury vehicles )


The recent increase in the environmental tax is due to the policy to curb emission from used vehicles.

Import values are calculated in dollars using an exchange rate set by URA.

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