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How to import a car from Japan

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Japan is a leading dealer in reconditioned vehicles,which are regarded cost effective for developing economies like Uganda, Individuals usually opt to import used cars on the premise that they are getting a quality vehicle, with a reasonable mileage at a much cheaper price than a showroom one. 

Ordering a car from Japan only requires you to visit the internet and select the model of car,quite a number of Japanese used car dealership sites have set up partnerships within the region i.e, www.beforward.jp and tradecarview.com and are reliable.

Importing into Uganda is very easy as there are no major restrictions. Here are some steps when importing a car:

  • Ensure that you are dealing with a reputable trader before making payment,most Japanese dealerships have partners in Uganda who handle transactions.
  • Used vehicles imported to Uganda must undergo a "Road Worthiness Inspection". Road Worthiness Inspection in case of all imports of used cars from Japan to Uganda must be performed by the Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Centre (JEVIC). Uganda however does not require any pre shipment inspection on used vehicles.
  • There is no limit on age of vehicle that can be imported to Uganda.
  • The dutiable Value (customs value) in Uganda is determined in accordance with The General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs (G.A.T.T) valuation method. (Visit the Uganda Revenue Authority website for more on this)

Recommended ports: Uganda is landlocked therefore a shipping port has to be selected. This is usually a choice between Mombasa (Kenya) and Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania). The shipping costs are the same, although it may well be that Mombassa is a bit closer for you.

Clearance and delivery from the destination port: This is the process at which the vehicles paperwork and authenticities are verified by an appointed Licensed Clearing Agent, It is a process that requires the following documents;

  • Copy of Importers Identification documents i.e,Passport,ID etc
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Original Bill of Lading.
  • Log book.
  • JEVIC certificate.

Port charges are as follows;

  •  Shorehandling; $53/ton
  • Wharfage; $40/ton
  • CFS handling; $17
  • Terminal user fees; $2/CBM (CUBIC METRIC)

Other fees include;

  • KRA tracker (refundable on border crossing); $100
  • Transit Foreign Permit; 5000kshs
  • Transit Insurance; 1000kshs

Vehicles in Uganda are taxed as follows; Import Duty: 25% of dutiable value, VAT : 17% of    VAT value, Import commission: 2% of Dutiable Value, Withholding Tax: 6% of Dutiable Value, environmental levy charged on cars older than eight years is 20%.There is an excise duty of 10% on selected cases. There is also duty remission on some commercial vehicles.

Please visit the Uganda Revenue Authority website for additional information on importing cars. www.ura.go.ug


Get in touch with Beforward Japan Agents in Uganda.

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Kampla, Uganda

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Tel: 256 751 339 299 / 256 788 993 979
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