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How to export goods from Uganda

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Exports are zero rated taxwise to reduce costs for exporters and also make Ugandan products more competitive.

Anyone/Registered Company that has a product or service and has completed all requirements is eligible to export.

First and foremost the exporter is required to identify a licensed Customs and Freight Forwarding agent whose listing is provided in the directory to assist with the following;

  • Obtaining Export permits and licenses.
  • Standardisation.
  • Obtaining a certificate of origin.
  • Customs declaration and verification of goods.
  • Planning transport contracts.
  • Preparation of all necessary documents and payments.

The Export procedure by the agent and exporter is as follows;

1. Identify the operational export regime which include.

  • EX1- Permanent Direct Exports: These are locally produced goods destined for foreign markets and are zero rated taxwise.i.e Coffee.
  • EX2- Temporary Exports/Re exports: These are normally goods going out of the country for a duration but returning.ie Motor vehicles.
  • EX3- Permanent/Re-exports: Normally personal effects.ie Furniture.
  • EX4- Bonded Exports: (CPC8400)/ Re-exports (CPC8471) These are basically manufactured goods.

2. Capture a Single Administrative Document (SAD)

3. Present all necessary export documents and SAD to a Customs Verification Unit for confirmation of goods for export.

4. On verification the documents are lodged at the Customs Business Centre Exports desk for document processing.


Required Documents.

  • Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Valid Export Certificate/Licenses and permits from Ministry of Trade,Tourism & Industry,this is however requested for on exportation of specific items like minerals,wildlife etc.
  • Quality certification from relevant bodies ie, UCDA,UNBS etc.
  • Certificate of Origin from Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry for exports destined for countries outside COMESA.
  • COMESA Certificate of Origin from Uganda Export Promotions Board for goods destined for COMESA countries.
  • International Coffee Organisation Certificate of Origin from UCDA for coffee exports.
  • Generalised Systems Preference (GSP) Form A for goods destined for the EU markets under the grants duty-free and quota free market access to goods from Uganda from the Uganda Exports Promotion Board.
  • Phytosanitary certificate from Ministry of Agriculture,Animal Industry & Fisheries for agricultural produce.
  • Packing list of goods/Tally sheet.
  • Tax invoice if necessary.
  • Health Certificate from Ministry of Agriculture,Animal Industry & Fisheries if exporting Meat and Fish products.
  • Valid Lint Cotton Export regulations certificate from CDO for cotton exports.
  • Fumigation certificate where necessary.
  • Proof of payment of taxes where necessary, ie. Hides & Skins $0.25 per kg.


Fees vary on what is being exported depending on quality,quantity and documents required as follows;

  • Precious stones incur 10% of export value.
  • Industrial/Construction incurs 30,000 UGX per tonne.
  • Granite incurs 10,000 UGX per tonne.
  • Base Metals incur 5% of export value.
  • Phyto-sanitary certificate fee - 2000 UGX
  • Quality assurance certificate (Depends on export product being certified)
  • Certificate of analysis (Depends on export product being certified)
  • International Animal movement permit fee - 10,000 UGX per consignment.
  • Dogs and Cats movement permit fee - 20,000 UGX
  • General certificate of origin - 5000 UGX
  • Preferential certificate of origin - 5000 UGX



Export Promotion Schemes 

Uganda Revenue Authority

Tel +256-414-334219

P.O. Box 7279 Kampala, Uganda.

Telephone: 0417 442054, 442055, 443150

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Web portal: http://ura.go.ug



Uganda Export Promotion Board

Tel +256-414-257001/230250

E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

5th Floor - Conrad Plaza, Plot 22 Entebbe Road

P.O. Box 5045, Kampala - Uganda



Eastern Private Sector Development Centre 

Plot 60, Republic Street - Mbale 

Tel: +256 (0)45 44 34892 



Ankole Private Sector Promotion Centre 

Old Bushenyi District Council Hall, Bushenyi

Tel: +256 (0)485 443276 



Acholi Private Sector Dev’t Co. Ltd. 

Mepaco Builidng - Market Street Rd. - Gulu

Tel: +256 (0)392 771667 


West Nile:


WestNile Private Sector Development Centre 

Plot 11 - 19 Packwach Road - Arua 

Tel: +256 (0)476 449029


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